2020 Calendar

2020 calendar

Fantastic news, guys! The Dave the Bear Calendar 2020 is back and it’s sexier than ever! This highly-anticipated calendar is guaranteed to make the year 2020 the best of your life. Sexy, artistic and practical, this calendar features all of your favourite months including May, July and December. The pictorial delights inside will even uplift the shit ones like March (what a drag!). Monday through to Sunday – this calendar has them all.

Not only are all 12 months of 2020 included they are each complemented by a whorey and often slutty picture of my gorgeous self! So indulge in Furry February, Steamy September, Juicy July and the many others you’ll find when you rip off my protective seal.

Maybe in the past you’ve enjoyed looking at me on TV shows such as Xtra Factor, 8 out of 10 Cats, All Together Now or Embarrassing Bodies, on stage across the world, or by following me home and peering through my ground-floor flat window, but now you can now have me
at the end of your bed or even over the kitchen table every day of the week!

Don’t delay. Have me today. (If only for a year!)

How to Buy: To purchase one of these fabulous wall diaries simply head over to PayPal and pay £10 + £2pp to somersetbarnes@hotmail.com and leave a message with your address. Alternatively message me through here or my Facebook page for other payment options. Calendars should be with you within a week.